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Public transport, Honduran style

Typical house

At the hot springs

Hot water source

So the pool was a bit dodge..

I know, I'm all class over here

An alcoholic monkey?!

I knew I should have had that rabies shot before I left...


Stuck sitting on the luggage at the back of the bus to...

In Tela



T-shirt anyone?

River separating old and new Tela

Well, its certainly not Terrigal

Hmm..I expected so much more

Drinks under the cabana

Hola again,

A quick entry to bring you up to speed. I went out to these natural hot springs outside of Copan yesterday. It was supposed to be quite picturesque and gorgeous with two pools to laze about in. Well, the setting was nice, the pools very ordinary and they weren't anywhere near as hot as I thought they would be (even though I know I AM a cold frog..)

But what they did do was put on a fantastic bbq with these amazing mixed shishkabobs (anyone know how to spell that one?) that were like a fiesta in my mouth. All meals were eaten in the pool, drinks consumed by all but alas there were no glasses. The corkscrew on the pocketknife has come in VERY handy Matt!

From there we went out to a bar called Papa Gringos and the owner had a spider monkey that had the run of the place and took quite a fancy to me, after it bit me! It kept undoing my hair elastic and hanging from my hair, inbetween stealing our beers and drinking them.

Today I've made it to Tela which is a beach town on the Caribbean sea. I was pretty exicted about the whole beach prospect and duly donned by bikini on arrival and headed for the sand and surf. Well it was not what I expected, dirty sand, dirty water and rubbish everywhere, although it is every bit as hot as you would expect. Made me wish for Australian beaches...

But I'm only here overnight, just waiting for the morning ferry to take me over to Roatan Island which is supposed to be gorgeous. White sand, coral reefs etc I can't wait, just hope I'm not going to be disappointed! My plan is for 4 days of laying on the beach sipping pina coladas...will let you know if it pans out! Might get a bit of diving in as well if I can muster up the energy.

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