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Um a town in Exreamadura

Same town in Extramadura (knew I should have done this sooner!)

Roman ampitheatre - ruins in Merida, Extramadura

More ruins

I reckon the man who got eaten by the lions came thru...

Ruins of Roman theatre, Merida

Since I last posted I have had a good time looking at Extramadura, apparently one of the poorest regions in Spain. You wouldn't think it if you saw some of the towns, I was stunned by the beautiful lush parks I have come across, though often after driving through miles of scorched and apprently barren countryside. Extramdura was great, some georgous cities and it was the province where I finally got free tapas with drinks. I also saw a man on a donkey, and in the shops, the prices were coverted back into pesetas. My guess is they dont like Europe very much there. I had a very weird night on Wednesday, stopped at a campsite about 65 miles away from Seville. It was just one I saw signposted from the road, not the one I had planned to go to. I did the usual handing over my passport, was told to go and park behind the swimming pool (ah great I thought, I can cool off). I parked up, looked round and realised there were only two caravans there and no sign of the occupants. I had a quick look round and realised the pool was only two thirds full and turning green!! As the evening wore on, no other guests arrived, and in fact no one came to sleep in the caravans that were already there either. I had the whole campsite to myself - actually it was quite creepy! The next morning I was up early to go and collect Laura from Seville airport and a new and very diffrent chapter to my travelogue opens......

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