Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

Columbus monument in Galway city

flatfish putting on a show for me

flatfish are so cool

Beach at Salthill in Galway

sting ray coming to the surface

big tank o fish

old boats

close up sting ray

columbus monument in english


more flatfish

galway city from my hostel balcony

more galway city

Galway from Claddagh across the river


lots of swans

claddagh monument

river waterfall

lough corrib (corrib river)


salthill causeway

sleeping swan

so not going swimming in there

spanish arch

spanish arch from claddagh


the long walk


waves at salthill

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Fish putting on a show

(MP4 - 8.58 MB)

The superman and Elvis show

Went to Galway city this weekend by bus. Arrived at 8:30pm after a long 4.5 hour bus ride through the pretty irish scenery. Met up with Brendan, Pam and Erin, 3 other canadians on the swap program. We all went out for a few drinks to Kings Head pub where we ran into my flatmate Leona. Next day, went over into Claddagh and Salthill. Hung out at an aquarium for most of the day before heading back into Galway and checking out the outdoor market and street performers. It was great craic. Headed back to Dublin the next morning.

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