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The Massif in the Distance


Fishing on the Lot



I wrote in my diary that this was the most beautiful day of the trip so far and it still stands. Another series of steep climbs took me to Montsalvy at about 1000m high and from there it was an 11km fall down to Entraygues-s-Truyere. This stunning village set beside a waterfall and the joining of the Lot and the Truyere rivers is at the top of the Lot Gorge. A more beautiful site I have never seen.

The Lot twist its way through the Gorge for 16km until Estang but I continued on to Espallion. Another pretty medievil village. An set up camp.

Took a strol in the evening and tried to find a bar showing the Euro footy but with no success. Settled down to watch the locals play a peculiar version of skittles where the wooden ball is the size of a large cannon ball and the skittles the size of a large childs leg.

The wooden ball is first used to fire one of the sticks in to the other skittles and then it is quickly followed by the ball. Very strange but enjoyable all the same. I don't know who won but they all had a thoroughly good time and got pleasantly drunk. I didn' take a picture for fear of it being bad form. I wish I had.

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