Snowbirds - Winter 2006 travel blog

from winter. We were headed about thirty miles north of Dallas to visit our new Texas friends Bill & Kathy on the way to an Elderhostel. This area had 80º temperatures two days ago, but a cold spell has brought freezing temps to metro Dallas with freezing drizzle. We came to within fifty miles of our goal when the drizzle increased and the thermometer said 27º and our goal shifted to finding a place to stop ASAP. You can't find campgrounds everywhere and we feel lucky to be in one two miles from the expressway and had an interesting conversation with our neighbors who came from the north and had a thick coating of ice on their tow vehicle. They reported numerous accidents and when we turned on the TV we saw an RV identical to ours that had flipped over on the icy expressway we were headed toward. I can't believe how cold I feel. I have totally lost my IL cold endurance after six weeks in the Texas tropics. Our water hose froze, but Ken has put water in the holding tanks and our "basement" is heated so we should be just as warm as we would be at home where a low of 1º is predicted.

The forecast for tomorrow isn't much better. On TV they said sand will be spread on overpasses so maybe we can crawl toward our next home away from home for the week.

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