Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Our tiny tent at start of week

Champagne treat - don't tell other backpackers!!

Luvverly bubbly

Cheeky moo at the cinema!

Our knackered tent

Legend pizza

Cape Byron lighthouse

Early morning before sunrise - imagine how early that is!


Sun lights up sea

Sun blocked by cloud

Sun well up blocked by cloud

Hot air balloon early morning

Other side of cape after sunrise

This is Floor and Greasy Judith!! We met in Cairns at our...

The haven of the library

Left Maroochy and set off for Byron Bay - not before rising at the crack of dawn to join Anne and Den on their early morning walk - only a light stroll this one, 5 km at 6am!!!

Arrived at Byron Bay which is the most easterly point in Australia and a mecca for alternative cultures aka wannabe hippies - shame no-one told them its not 1960 anymore! Byron is a place for serious surfers and also manages to attract people to buy million dollar houses near Cape Byron. We set up camp at The Arts Factory which seems to be a place where all the wannabe hippies congregate, we stuck out like a sore thumb as we weren't donning rainbow coloured shirts, dreadlocks nor carrying a surfboard (we gave that up in Agnes Water). These hippies feel the need to sit around smoke pot that they acquired from the local village of Nimbin, practise the useful technique of fire twirling and play the didgeridoo all day. The campsite, which was, cosy (full) and looked just like something from Reading festival except the toilets were decent. Bumped into Judith and Floor (Dutch) whom we met in our first hostel back in Cairns nice to know they were still alive after banana picking in Innisfail.

Missed the bottle shop closing time so had to settle for a pizza from Legend pizza shop. It has become legend on the trip for coming back and hitting Paul in the guts at 4am!!

Next day organising other parts of trip so relaxed on the night at the hostels lounge cinema on a nice cow print sofa watching 40 year old virgin.

Rest of the week was spent relaxing in the hostel pool, spa and sauna, we had our first ever Salsa lesson which was fun but difficult especially as neither of us have any rhythm! We joined in on week 4 of the course so we were thrown in at the deep end - good excuse eh?!

November 17th was really windy so we spent most of the day sat in the library reading and snoozing (Helen) - it was a very relaxed day! Managed to find a bottle of bubbly for $9 in the local bottle shop so snook it into our tent and swigged it down before other campers saw our booty!! Sacrilige to other campers to buy anything other than a $9, 4 litre box of vino, known as Goon! We woke up the next day to find our tent pole had broken due to the gale force winds leaving the whole tent in a bit of a sorry state - see picture!

Nov 19th - Woke up at 5:02am to get on a trip to see the sunrise that left at 05:00am!! We rushed to the pick up point only to find the bus taking us had broken down otherwise we would have missed it!

A taxi was ordered and we got to the spur of Cape Byron, this being Australia's most eastern point - hence the first place to see the sun in Oz, just before the sun started to peak its head up. The sunrise was beautiful (a couple was getting married during the sunrise - bet the guests loved them for the early start!) After the show we spurned the taxi ride back and walked the 1 hour trip back along the beach. A good start to the day - even managed to get our tent fixed!

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