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As a general rule we do not like to drive the motor home in the dark. Ken's vision is just fine, but parking in an unfamiliar campground in the dark is rife with bad possibilities. However, this time of year with only a total of about nine hours of sunlight, we want to get as far south as possible as quickly as possible. Last fall when we had our emergency inverter repair in Ohio and drove into Indiana after dark, we noticed that our driving lights do not work. The high beams do, but it's not nice to your fellow man to shine your lights into their eyes. Ken thinks he can fix it, but hasn't had time to do so. So we were on the road at 8am about 45 minutes after the sun rose and stopped here on the Tennessee border about 45 minutes before dark. We feel fortunate to have found a campground that fit our driving day and was open this time of year.

We always debate whether to drive south through boring Indiana or south through boring Illinois. The Indiana route has more traffic and the metropolis of Indianapolis to contend with so boring Illinois was a great choice. The traffic was light and we enjoyed the fact that our tax dollars had been put to work providing us with lots of smooth pavement to enjoy. Once we crossed the border into Kentucky the difference was dramatic. We saw fewer RV's than we expected. We saw many more dead deer than we expected; another reason to stop driving before it gets too dark to see them.

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