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One of many reasons we love to live in the Chicago area is that it is easy to get almost anywhere in the world from there on a non-stop plane. Unfortunately, Tel Aviv is not one of those places. You can get there non-stop from New York City and so here we are. You never run out of things to do in the Big Apple and we love Broadway shows. We didn't need a lot of excuses to stay here for a few days. Last time we were here it was very hot and humid. We had to jettison some outdoor plans for A/C museums. When we planned this trip, I thought we might be able to do some of them now in the autumn. I should have consulted Mother Nature before making outdoor plans. When we left home it was bitter cold (15ยบ) snow lay on the ground; a slightly milder version of that cold is headed here. The weather is supposed to get back to normal next week, but by then we should be in Israel. As I am writing this I am feeling slightly unsure about that as well. The Israelis and Palestinians have been firing bombs at one another according to a news story we saw this morning. According to the commentator this could be just one more incident or it could turn into another war. We've been waiting for things to calm down there to visit the Middle East, and had begun to think this would not occur in our lifetime. Fingers crossed.

When we booked the flight here, we timed it so that we could stop at the 2-for-1 ticket place and buy a Broadway show ticket for tonight. Then Southwest Airlines cancelled that flight and put us on one a few hours later. We still might have made it, but then our new flight left Chicago over an hour late for no apparent reason.

But we're here now and have tickets for an afternoon and evening show tomorrow, which will surely be a more enjoyable day.

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