North Rim Grand Canyon travel blog

We spotted bison on our way to the Grand Canyon

We had a gentle breeze

Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge

Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge from the canyon side

View from the sunroom of the Grand Canyon North Rim Lodge

View of the canyon from the lodge

Another shot from the terrace

Cabins on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Our cabin

Tom's porch was well used

View of canyon from Tom's cabin



What a canyon!

The sun is starting to set in the Canyon

More sunset

Learning about telescopes

Jupiter without the aid of a telescope

Grand Canyon North Rim The address of the Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim is quite literally “End of AZ-67”. When tourists think of the Grand Canyon, they go to the South Rim which has a very nice visitor Center, a Museum, a number of hotels and eating places and a small village. The North Rim has nothing except the Grand Canyon Lodge and cabins - the only structures on this side. It is visited by only 10% of all Grand Canyon visitors. Sandi’s brother Tom has wanted to stay here for years but scoring a reservation is a challenge. We finally managed it. There are 5 of us: Jim, Sandi, Tom, his daughter Crystal and cousin Sandy. The facility was built in 1926 and has an elevation of 8,297’ so we flat-landers are aware of the thinner air! After getting settled in and wandering through some of the trails in the evening, we attended the Star Party at 8. It was a demonstration of telescopes and the different types recommended for novice users. After the talk we walked out on the veranda and looked through the telescopes, mainly at Jupiter. It was very easy to see and we could clearly see the bands on it and the moons orbiting it. We also spotted two stars very close together that revolve around each other every 600 years. Beautiful!

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