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Kung Pao Chicken +

On the way

Relaxing in the Plaza Lounge at Melbourne Airport.

The landing was a little harsh and someone who was asleep at the time made a loud noise - luckily no expletives (yet)

Security and passport control was quick and easy. Still some morons complained!

The Plaza Lounge is quite small but comfortable. We had a light lunch and have settled in for a few hours rest. C studying the latest antics of the Royals while J attends to bill paying etc.

If everything is on time we will be in Singapore later tonight for a good sleep and a shower.

J,s back is behaving so far - no thanks to the new “nanotecturally designed” seats at Hobart Airport. They couldn’t have made them more uncomfortable by gluing shards of broken stubbie bottles onto them! Didn’t worry me though - tucked up in a nice warm bag!

Next stop Singapore - see you then.......

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