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Rain is on the way, again....

Had a reunion lunch with all but one of these relations -1958...

We are family!

Lunch at the Eagle Cambridge

Plaque about DNA discovery



The Doctor, the niece, the aunt (me) and Grae's sister


Sunshine on a Sunday afternoon

Punt on the River Cam near Bridge of Sighs

Christ College Cambridge

On Friday, slightly jet-lagged we had a family reunion lunch with various cousins from Sydney, Canada and the UK. Some of which Grae was reacquanting himself with after more than 30 years. On Saturday we spent some money at the Ockbrook Summer Fayre which had to be moved to the church due to the persistent rain. We had lovely cake and tea and tried our luck at various games. It was all very English!

On Sunday we visited the beautiful historic university city of Cambridge. It is truly mind-blowing to think the university was founded in 1209. We saw quite a few of the ancient colleges with their exquisite gothic architecture and walked over the Bridge of Sighs at St Johns college. Walking through some of the quadrangles we had to be quiet as exams where in progress. As it was a sunny Sunday afternoon there were lots of people both on the green meadows by the river and on punts on the River Cam.

We had lunch with family at the Eagle pub which is a traditional English pub dating back to the 16th century. It boasts many historical features including the RAF bar with its world famous graffiti covered ceiling, as well as the room in which Francis Crick interrupted patrons' lunchtime on 28 February 1953 to announce that he and James Watson had "discovered the secret of life" after they had come up with their proposal for the structure of DNA.

The partner of Grae's niece was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Physics from Cambridge earlier this year. His Doctorial thesis is on Crystalline frameworks self-assembled from amphiphilic DNA nanostructures, you can read it here I'm sure it makes for some light bedtime reading!

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