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We had breakfast with our grandson Aaron, every morning, he wasn't usually...

Michelle visited our twin granddaughters a few times, too

The bus parked in the RV spots at Cabela's

Aaron and Opa all ready to pull out of the parking lot

Aaron was mesmerized with the view

Hmm, back to the lake, or to Toronto??

Pretty trees, but here comes the traffic!

Our great-nephew Sloan, happy with whatever Auntie Mimi was feeding him

The first campsite of the trip, Cedar Beach Park Resort in Uxbridge

Our wakeup call the first morning, they were paving the road about...

Wooden Sticks Golf Course, first tees - rather intimidating Church Pew Bunkers...

Michelle tees off on the second hole, even missed all the bunkers....

Mike tees off on the ninth hole, inspired by Pine Valley, NJ,...

Sunset through the trees, looking over the fields beside the park

And we’re off....After three weeks enjoying the hospitality of our daughter, her hubby and our grandson, we’re on the road again. Sorry, yes, the first one is always a long one!

In October while the bus was having a new tailpipe put on, and a few other checks and fixes for the long journey, we kept busy: we visited with family, Michelle did a wood turning course, we repacked some of our stuff in the kid’s basement and our storage locker, babysat all the grandkids, and celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, a friend’s 60th birthday and two wedding anniversaries, our daughter & her hubby’s 5th and our 37th.

We finally got the call, the bus was ready, so we moved it to Cabela’s parking lot. In the US, Cabela’s has spots where you can plug in (for a small fee), there aren’t any plug ins here, but we just needed to park the bus somewhere for two nights, and it was nice and close. Of course we woke up very early Sunday, eager to be starting this journey. We took our grandson Aaron (almost 3) to have his first ride in the bus, moving it from Cabela’s to his house, so we could pack up. He was mesmerized, frozen in his carseat, taking everything in, on the quick 5 minute ride. He did want Opa to drive faster to catch up to his daddy because he was “beating us”. Once there we moved back into the bus all the fridge contents, and anything else that had happened to migrate into the house (how did so much stuff do that??) As we had mostly packed everything we needed the day before, it was a quick loading, and with some goodbyes we were on our way. As we turned the corner Aaron saw Opa’s car parked on the road and yelled that we had forgotten it, we had a good chuckle over that. 

We took highway 7 for about half the drive, enjoying the sunshine, varying terrain and colourful trees. At Tweed we headed south for the 401, heading west. We could tell we were getting closer to Toronto as the traffic got steadily heavier (and the driving got worse – theirs, not Mike’s!) We picked up a rental car and then headed to our campground – Cedar Beach Park Resort on Musselman’s Lake in Uxbridge (north of Toronto.) It took us about two hours to set up, we had to unpack and put in its proper spot everything that had gone in the house. Once we’re rolling and used to doing it, and don’t have extra stuff to put away, it will be less than an hour. Then it was time to head to Whitby, to visit with Michelle’s sister, niece and our great nephew.

Monday again dawned bright and cool (actually cold) but Mike had booked us for golf at Wooden Sticks Golf Course in Goodwood, so off we went. This course has 12 of 18 holes replicating famous golf holes that any avid golfer would recognize: the Church Pew Bunkers at Oakmont, Amen Corner, St Andrews, Augusta, the Postage Stamp at Troon, Sawgrass and Hogan’s Alley at Carnoustie to name some of them. It was a challenging course, but the temperature was rising (we still caved and wore pants though), the sun was shining (for most of the round) and we had a great time. Take note, Mike won. He’ll whine all winter that Michelle beat him at golf, so remember he won the first game! After, we had a late lunch in the club house, part of the package deal Mike had found (along with the free toques that we put to good use during the round.) Once we got back to the bus it was time to do all the outside packing we could, since the forecast was calling for a lot of rain the next day. After dinner we did our usual hike around the park to see what there was to see. We met our neighbours who are from BC, towing their travel trailer to Florida, exploring on the way and saw lots of people trying to finish their winterizing before the park closes. We took the tunnel under a walkway, out onto the private beach for the park, and took some pretty sunset pictures on Musselman’s Lake. The walk was a good way to stretch out the muscles after the first golf game in a few weeks and it was past dark by the time we got back to the bus to settle down for the night and try to find out who our mayor, counsellor and school board rep would be. We voted for two of the three, not bad!

Driving these three days, we have crossed in and out of the Oak Ridges Moraine, an ecologically important geological landform of rolling hills and river valleys that extends from the Niagara Escarpment to Rice Like near Peterborough. Especially with the changing trees, we’ve had some beautiful views!

This morning has been a lazy morning, catching up on social media, relaxing and watching all the busy workers in the park getting ready for winter. This afternoon we’ll head out to do a few errands and then have dinner with Michelle’s sister.

Tomorrow we pack up and head to Niagara Falls, to do some sightseeing and hopefully some more family visiting (Mike’s brother lives in Hamilton.)

We’ll try not to fall in!

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