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first Yellow-Crowned Night Heron

Ibis and Little Blue Heron

better shot of Little Blue

Ospreys love it here

another Yellow Crowned Night Heron

itchy eye

nice pose

vociferous Osprey

pelican over Nancy

3rd Yellow-crowned Night Heron

yet another night heron in a typical pose

shrine at the beach

most of the crowd after lunch

the eagle and its nest

Osprey has lunch! mouth-watering

making sure I won't steal it

getting started - nice fish, eh?

along comes a little blue

made headway - heron got some too

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Starting lunch

It seems to work out that twelve of us go kayaking on a Thursday and that seems to be a perfect number. The day started out cool but the kayaking temperature was warm and the day was a bit overcast or it was hazy, so sunburn wasn't a threat.

The first thing that got my attention was a yellow-crowned night heron. I had not seen them here before, so it was a treat. But then I saw another and another - 5 or 6 all in different places with different poses. Sweet!

This is the corridor with lots of Osprey and they are still there. We paused to listen to one making all kinds of noises and I managed to get a picture with its mouth open. On the way back, we saw an Osprey land on a branch with a fish in its talons. Sara said she had never seen an Osprey eating before, so we went near and watched for a bit. Lo and behold, a skinny Little Blue Heron perched nearby, moved closer, and got a dropping of fish! Smart one - Hope it is just young and not emaciated!

We actually saw an Eagle today! It was flying by with a fish in its talons. Joan said it was carrying it by its head and that's unusual. Another kayaker coming in (we were going out) said the eagle stole the fish from an Osprey! It was a big fish! I watched it fly by but there was no way I could get a picture of it.

Another unusual thing was that there were no birds on the sandbar. There were usually lots of pelicans and cormorants. It is low tide, but that shouldn't have been the reason! hmmm

Just before getting out of the water, I saw a Green Heron in the mangroves, but my camera was put away by that time. I was the last person out and the only one to get that sighting!

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