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It has just hit Day 5 of my trip, still extremely jet lagged... those 3am wake ups are becoming scarily normal! Today I will venture to the Blue Mountains to get some snowboarding action going - I'm sure I'll be super sore tomorrow.

Quick recap on the trip so far:

- The flights were very average. I'm glad I don't have to do that for another 6 months!

- Toronto is beautiful. Hopefully I'll get to spend a lot of weekends there when I'm at uni

- Finally got my subjects approved (Thanks Adelaide!)

- It's very cold... people are still wearing t-shirts because it is not that cold for them. Today will be a high of -5 which is the hottest it is going to be for the rest of the year apparently D:

- I've learnt that there's a difference between freezing rain and snow (freezing rain absolutely sucks)

- Maccas has a maple and cheddar chicken burger which I am keen to try despite how gross it sounds

- The coffee here is not fab :/ I have found some Nescafe though at the supermarket, so that will probably be my best friend for the next little while!

That just about covers it for now! Hopefully by the next entry I'll be an absolute snowboarding whizz and have acquired some cool gear so I look better than I am (Y)

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