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Oh my goodness, why does everything go wrong when you are trying to get on the road? We spent last night in the RV in the driveway, as we have been doing the last couple years. We shut off the water and gas to the house, and lock it up but we are still home in case we have forgotten anything, or if something goes wrong.

Well, first of all no one in our RV got much sleep last night. Zoey was freaked out that we were in the motorhome and not in the house, and she also had an upset stomach so we were up and down with her all night. Every time she went outside she would run down to the house, and wait at the door. She did not want to go back to the motorhome.

So 0630 came pretty early but all 3 of us got up, and Zoey seemed better. So we cleaned up, ate and got ready to go, and then the GPS was acting up, so Spike tried to rewire the cord but that was a no go. But we know where we are going so, that was not a game changer. So we pull up on the road in front of the house and start to hook the truck up. We thought the tow bar was locked in, but it was acting up on the left side. So we stopped and Spike worked on it and got the pin to unjam and work correctly. He goes to put away the silicon spray and then the latch to the storage compartment broke off in his hand. Poop! So we get out the cordless drill and of course the battery is dead, so back down to the house to get the household cordless drill and drill out the screw. In the meantime its been an hour and we've drove 10 feet. And the UPS man, two neighbors and the garbage truck men have all been by to say hello, as we are blocking one lane of the road. So Spike did install a new screw in the latch and we were finally ready to roll. And this time we did finally make it off Panther Lake road.

Who knows why God chose to delay us, but after that it was smooth sailing. No traffic issues in Tacoma, or going over Snoqualmie Pass. The weather was sunny and bright and it is the first time in a long time that we have had a clean motorhome through the first day. Usually its raining or snowing and the motorhome which Spike has so carefully detailed is filthy, but God is good, and we are still clean.

We ended up getting to Hermiston, Oregon at 1630 and are staying at the Pioneer RV park. I was on the phone talking to Punjab at dish network for quite awhile trying to dial in the satellite TV, but we are finally set up with the local channels. Seems like Punjab and I go round and round on every trip we take! Anyway we ate leftover pizza for dinner, and I think we will be hitting the hay early. Hopefully we will all sleep better tonight. Tomorrow we are heading into Idaho. Sorry no pictures yet. Have a new computer, and not much patience tonight. Hugs to all of you, thank you for your prayers for us!

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