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loving Business Class

Usually when we go to the airport on a long trip we rent a car at the local university airport and take ourselves there. It's a bit of a hassle because we have to stop for gas, bring the tollway machine and shuttle from the car lot to the terminal. It's been half the price of a limo: worth it. But this time the tariffs were the same. The limo arrived so early, I didn't have time to wonder if it would show up. Nice!

Through judicious management of credit card expenses that earn frequent flyer miles we are flying to Singapore on Cathay Pacific in Business Class for free. This is not only a treat, but a way to arrive at the other end in sound mind - at least that's the theory. The flight to Hong Kong takes over fifteen hours, then we have a five hour layover and fly three more hours to Singapore. If it is 3pm here, it is 4am there and it is tomorrow. It boggles the mind. We won't exactly get that day back. On the cruise we will have a series of 25 hour days that will get harder and harder to manage. If anything old age has made jet lag harder to overcome. Business class will be a boost in the right direction.

Last fall we spent most of a day stuck in the International Terminal at O'Hare applying for global entry. It made our return from Cuba into Miami licketty split, but made no difference getting through TSA today. Last fall we wished we had access to all the wonderful restaurants that have satellite eateries at the IT. Today we made it to the other side, but weren't tempted at all. As Business Class VIP's we had access the the lounge where they were giving away free food and offering great wi if. It was so pleasant, we were almost sorry when the flight was called. Onboard we were ensconced in little pods, which can turn into beds with the push of a button. We wondered why we had little silver tubes in our pods. They were filled with a spray of orchids. Of course! I drank a glass of Austrian wine in honor of my mother and toasted our good fortune.

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