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Carpe's at FMCA rally parking

Thu, 02 Mar: Carpe moves again...

After more than five months in storage at our "home park" in Casa Grande, AZ today we started the engine and rolled our wheels. It felt good to hit the road again and we think the coach also enjoyed getting out.

We moved the coach from our site to the propane fill station to top off our internal tank. Then a "K" turn in front of the clubhouse as the Cooperative Board, for some reason, elected to enact a rule forbidding us from leaving the easy way. So we had to do things the hard way.

Today's drive was a whopping 41 miles to the Rawhide Western Town and Event Center in Chandler. We'll be here for a week attending the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) convention. We volunteered to be parkers so we get in early for training and preparation. The run took us just shy of an hour and we were settled in by half past ten. Carpe achieved 6.9 mpg, which includes some generator run time. Also of note, as we pulled into the park Carpe's odometer turned over 89,000 miles.

Lunch at Costco and some shopping there and at a nearby Wally. We're back home now (1537) and will attend our first "official" function, a BBQ, at 1700. Tomorrow we'll get busy. Check back as we plan to append this post as the week progresses.

Fri, 10 Mar: As mentioned, we'd volunteered to assist with parking. Well, it was quite a project to get 2,400+ coaches parked without incident. There were, we heard, some boo-boos, but none attributable to us. Sandi got the "plumb" job of driving a "follow me" car. Bob had to work for a living and actually park coaches. Thankfully, neither of us suffered and lasting grief or pain.

Once parking was finished we got to be "normal" attendees. We did volunteer to help distribute the free ice cream, a task the FMCA Full Timers Chapter does at every rally. Well, the closest thing to a feeding frenzy is a group of RVers, predominantly seniors, vying for "free" ice cream. We were both on traffic control and they should have issued us whips and chairs. Yes, it was like that.

Other than that, we mostly enjoyed exploring the vendor section to see just what sort of stuff might induce us to part with our money. Other than a few new My Pillows there wasn't much so our bank account remains solvent.

That pretty much brings us current. Tomorrow we'll head back to RoVer's Roost for a few days till we leave for Tucson an our next rally.

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