Following Hurricane Matthew - Winter 2017 travel blog

We've traveled to southern Indiana to install the final element that will make our new Jeep safely towable. It was easy to find someone around home to install the tow plate and chains and the electronic connections that will make the Jeep's lights blink when the motor home's do. But we couldn't find anyone in metro Chicago to install the braking system which activates the Jeep brakes whenever the motor home brakes. Since we already have an Air Force One system installed on the RV, it just needs the matching half on the car. So we are camped in the parking lot of the manufacturer of Air Force One. It's more or less on the route southeast and we have had the best luck with installations going directly to the source. The job is supposed to take about three hours and then we can move on.

Usually when we want to go somewhere, the route is readily apparent. In the motor home we tend to favor expressways since they are the easiest to drive, but the expressways between here and home don't angle the right directions and added extra miles. We looked at Mapquest, Google Maps, the Rand McNally GPS, the Garmin GPS - each had a different recommendation. Our friend Mike used to live near here and he made the decision an easy one. Much of the drive he recommended was not on expressway, but four lane divided highways going through agricultural areas work just fine. It was an easy drive. Thanks, Mike.

When we did get here, we weren't sure what time it was. Northwestern Indiana is on Central Time, because many of its residents work in Chicagoland. But once we got farther south we knew we were in the Eastern Time Zone. The GPS said we would arrive at 3:30. 3:30 came and went and we still had almost sixty miles to drive. The mystery was solved when we got here and the technician said we were back on Central Time. When he knocks on our door tomorrow at 8am to begin his work, we might be awake after all. Wonder what time it is in Kentucky....

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