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Inside Shuttle

Getting off the Shuttle

River Lach from Aire

Canal views from Aire

Limburg House from the bridge

Peace by the bridge

Frankfurt KPMG building - we've just passed this by the side of...

Well, it's been a busy few weeks in Scotland and finding a new blog programme hasn't been a priority, due to family priorities, so it's still the old one, but I am still looking!

After 2 weeks of meandering south, looking up old friends, (and some not so old!!) we arrived at Portsmouth to get a new side window fitted and go for a "diagnosis" at Iveco, Southampton, as the computer warning light had come on and engine went into safe mode just after, thank goodness, the Dartford bridge.

After an hour or so, new valve controlling the exhaust gas recovery system was replaced and we were on our way to Folkestone for the Shuttle.

First on, amazing view of the whole train inside, and first off, we headed for Coquelle, a familiar stopover.

Next morning we headed East, for the first time, as we have booked the Lady in for her annual habitation check, at the Concorde factory in Aschbach, Germany. We know they encourage Concorde owners to visit, and thought it would be good to have a tour of their factory if possible. So we set off towards Belgium, crossing the border via the E40 then around Brussels, to settle for the evening near Genk. A beautiful forested national park, with parking for a few m'homes, we enjoyed the peace after a busy, and have to say very boring, motorway trip so far. Some families even brought their ponies with them in trailers, for the weekend, it was great to see whole families enjoying the park, cycling, walking, skateboarding and pony trekking.

After another good night's sleep we got an early start around Maastricht, Aachen, and a tiny part of the Netherlands into Germany. Still the motorways are straight, bordered with high hedges and wind turbines. Very boring. Boring is ok when travelling, better than eventful, which is how the next part of our journey became. The alarm beeped on the tyre pressure gauge. Rear inside had slow puncture, so we headed for nearest town, Limburg an der Lahn, found an Aire, Roy checked and double checked everything, found, online, 3 tyre places we could try in the morning. It was gone 5 pm. Roy had a rest while I walked Blue, a lovely walk by the canal and Aire. Evening spent quietly, apart from the constant beep of our water/waste tank alarm, which for no apparent reason started as soon as we'd filled up with water before parking. Shut the bedroom door for the first time ever, so we wouldn't hear the bleep.

Next morning, set off for the nearest garage, (alarm still beeping). Waited around for them to slot us in. Tyre damaged beyond repair. Had lunch, Roy lost a tooth!!! Not a good day so far. They had to send for new tyre, so fitted the spare as it was perfectly ok. 3pm, off south down motorway again. Traffic really heavy, roadworks, still beeping, and guess what? the alarm for tyre pressure went off again!!! We had to drive south for another 5 miles till we could turn around, then it was a good 12 miles back to the garage in heavy traffic with clouds of dust from roadworks. Made it. (Other alarm still beeping) Faulty valve this time, replaced with new one, so we went back to the Aire by the canal, had a cuppie, and we both walked Blue and sat by the canal near the bridge and "castle" as we needed some air away from the beep!. Back home, we watched 2 films before bed. (Alarm still beeping). It stopped in the night (hooray!) So today, Tuesday we are headed for the Concorde factory Aire to spend the day there tomorrow. Uneventful journey planned, without vehicle problems, without teeth falling out, without beeping. Today we'd settle for boring, in fact boring would be fantastic. Fingers x'd.

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