Julie and Eric visit Central France travel blog

Besides a brief panic over whether an international driving permit was merely advised or required to drive in France (Answer: advised) packing and final prep has gone well. I've double checked our hotel bookings and uploaded duplicate copies of our reservations onto google drive so I can access from my phone as well as via the thumb drive we'll have along.

We both have room in our bags, which is great. I had space for a fourth pair of shoes (ankle boots) which I decided to toss in since the weather in burgurdy will be rainy and high sixties/high forties the days we're there. Even though I'm a bit skeptical given paris to the north will be in the eighties, I hate having cold feet. And I packed workout clothes: the bed and breakfast we're at in Chablis, despite only having four rooms, claims to have a workout room with cardio machines and weights. we'll see what french exercise is like next week. My strong prediction is that This will be my favorite of our four hotels.

Eric's final preparations also include napping on the couch since he didn't really sleep last night. I'm one of those people who tries to adjust to new time zones by going to bed super early and getting up super early. Eric has a different style - by not sleeping the night before we go, he can sleep better on the plane and once we get there.

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