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Last spring the news was filled with reports of catastrophically long lines of people in airports waiting to be screened by the TSA. Some waited so long, they missed their flights. We saw footage of Midway, the airport we left from today, with lines winding through hallways and ending outside the terminal. As soon as we got home we applied for the trusted traveller program that would allow us to avoid most of the screening. We applied online and waited and waited for the next step - an interview and fingerprint session. When we finally were approved for the interview, the next opening was for two weeks AFTER we get home from this trip. As we left for the airport today, I wondered if we would appear in the latest newscast footage. No worries - the whole process took twenty minutes tops.

Last week there was a horrible accident on I-55, the expressway we take to Midway. It involved two 18-wheelers and two cars and caused a number of fatalities. One of the trucks was incinerated and the highway was shut totally shut down for about six hours. As I watched I wondered what we would do if such an accident occurred on our drive today. Alternate routes were not obvious. But except for ten minutes in an inexplicable stand-still, the drive went just fine. We dropped off the rental car, shuttled to the airport and had plenty of time for coffee. No worries.

What we should have worried about was what was happening in NY. The take-off was delayed half an hour because of heavy air traffic here. We decided to take shared shuttle to Manhattan rather than a taxi, because we weren't in a hurry and it's a third of the price. But road repairs around LaGuardia tied up the area so much the shuttle took an hour to get into the airport area, all the cabs were at a standstill and a less than an hour drive to Manhattan took more like three.

But now we're staying here in the middle of the theatre district and despite our late arrival, the show we went to was a four minute walk away and we got there in plenty of time. The Humans is one of those thoughtful shows that has us mulling over what it all meant and whether we liked it or not. The hotel had chocolate chip cookies waiting for us when we got back. No more worries!

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