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Jurien Bay jetty

Entrance to Stockman's Cave

Oops. didn't spot that ridge in the dark!!!

Exit to Stockman's cave

Our mountain goat track around Lesueur Park!!

Had a perfect run up the freeway...even Cockburn Gateway was clear!!!! Arrived at pretty Jurien, only to find our not-so-friendly neighbours from home were only one bay up from us. Luckily new travellers arrived to fill the gap!!! Had a very interesting day in Stockman's Gully and Lesueur National Park. The cave at the former is at the end of a very rough, very narrow, sandy and/or rocky 5km track...tested my 4wd skills to the max (for us, anyway. Lovers of that sort of driving would probably call it tame!) The cave is very wide, very dry certainly at this time of year, and very, very dark. Torch is necessary to find way through the 100 metres to the exit and back again. Drovers used to corral their cattle there in the late 1800s. Very interesting.

We then hiked for an hour in the park near Mt Lesueur before preparing to hit the road again on our journey north.

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