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Great when the sun comes out

Not so many tourists

Pantheon, full of dead people

Big church near us

Why not start the day with a croissant? Quatra I say and she says one? Something about a special offer if I buy 4 ..... Box of apples, Tasmania? I have no idea so I decline. Today was an explore day. I found some walking tours on the internet that were themed by century. So I thought we would start at Paris in the Middle Ages and work up to the present over our time here. The evidence of this era is around the center of the city so we followed the map and saw the sites. Little did I know Christine also had the guides to 18th and 16th centuries. Well was I historically challenged trying to visit over the centuries as it were. We jumped hundreds of years in a few blocks and I was chronologically disoriented. Needless to say it was thoroughly enjoyable seeing such history in the place where it occurred. The weather did not curtail our walking though the wind chill kept us well awake. One place we bought two tickets for lead to some confusion as when I went to give them to the bloke on the gate he said I only had one. But I bought two. Went back to the seller, wishing I had some idea how to communicate but neither of us understood each other (and we weren't even married!) so the others in the line thought I was stupid, I got more embarrassed but luckily someone saw where I had dropped it! Bother. Stupid tourists.

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