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Carpe Diem in the desert north of Quartzsite

Crazy driver alert!
This tailgater and his victum are driving at 75+ mph

Crazy driver alert!
Idiot cuts in front of us and jams on his...

Quartzsite is underway. View of Plomosa Road at AZ95

View is from drone facing east

View is from drone facing east

Tues (19 Jan) sunrise

Tues (19 Jan) sunrise
We believe it is two jet contrails and a...

Not to be outdone, Tuesday's sunset is a "sailor's delight"

Another spectacular desert sunset

Quartzsite is full of dog people
Someday we might understand why taking your...

Another dog person

Three! Count 'em three in a very expensive contrivance

Fri, 15 Jan: On the road again...

After an extended time parked at RoVer's Roost it is time to get scratch the "hitch itch" and roll some wheels. We went thru our checklists with care as this is a prime time to overlook something. We pulled out of our space, stopped at the propane fill station to top up our internal tank, and finally underway at 1115.

East on I 8 to Gila Bend, then north on the Phoenix Bypass to Buckeye and I 10. East to Quartzsite and then north a few miles on AZ 95 to Plomosa Road Bureau of Land Management (BLM) desert parking. We are parked a mile east of AZ 95 near good friends Ben & Bonnie Ackerman.

We arrived at 1515 which included a lunch stop at a rest stop on I 10. We're now settled in for a week or so of boondocking. Sandi climbed on the roof to tilt our solar panels in order to maximize their output.

Today's drive was 186 miles with an overall fuel consumption of slightly better than eight miles/gallon.

Note: We recently acquired a dashboard camera (dash-cam), which is an interesting gadget. We encounter some really insane behaviour on the roads and the dash-cam gets them all. We'll occasionally include some stills of really crazy driving such as the two posted with this post.

Mon, 18 Jan: Still here and doing just fine...

This update is being penned mid afternoon Monday. We continue to boondock in BLM land north of Quartzsite east of Arizona 95. The weather continues to be cool-ish with lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s. For the most part it has been partly cloudy but we've had sufficient sun to keep us charged. We ran the generator for a few hours Saturday to watch the Arizona/Green Bay game, but other than that we've lived entirely on our solar and batteries.

We stayed away from the Big Tent during the weekend but ventured into town late morning. It was a zoo so we hightailed it back home. Many folks are leaving as the three day weekend draws to a close so mid week might work better for us.

Our good friends Domingo & Carmen Davila just arrived and are settling into a space near us. We're also looking forward to seeing Ray & Cathie Bailey who may drive down from Laughlin. Hope so as spending time with friends is a big part of enjoying the RV lifestyle.

Wed, 20 Jan: Quartzsite continues on...

We've continued to enjoy fine weather boondocking north of Quartzsite. The nites aren't quite as cool and the daytime highs are heading onto "shorts" territory. Even tho some of the days were cloudy we still got sufficient sunlite to charge our batteries and run the "house".

Yesterday (Tues) we "did" the Big Tent. As in previous years it wasn't too crowded at opening but more and more folks arrived during the morning until it became a bit of a challenge to navigate the aisles. The worst part were the idiots people who insist on bringing their dogs to the show. Why we will never understand.

We had lunch at the Stagecoach restaurant with Carmen & Domingo, Tom & Terry, and Pat & Dan. The conversation was so much fun that we didn't mid the slow service.

Lest we forget, a big Get Better Soon! to our brother Mickey who underwent surgery on Monday. He is on the mend altho getting back to 100% will take a while due to the scope of the surgery. You're in our thoughts bro...

Sun, 24 Jan: Still chilling out in Quartzsite...

Today marks day #10 boondocking north of Quartzsite. We've thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would stay longer if possible. Alas, sometimes life's "got-to's" get in the way of our "want-to's".

We still have well over ¼ tank of fresh water remaining and our waste tanks aren't yet close to full. It has been a week since last starting our generator as our solar panels provided sufficient power to keep our battery banks well charged even on the cloudy days. Our "got-to" is a Wednesday medical procedure for Sandi so we'll head back to Casa Grande tomorrow (Monday) morning.

Meanwhile, we got to visit with Ray & Cathie Bailey on Wednesday at their Tiffin group encampment. Friday was Sandi's 75th birthday and she was taken out to lunch by Carmen & Domingo Davila. We re-visited the Big Tent after lunch as Bob wanted to look closer at some LED bulbs. He found some he liked.

This morning most of the RVs parked close to us headed out. The caravan of six RVs is headed to Mexico for a few weeks. That leaves us and the Davilas holding down the fort.

As mentioned, we'll head back to RoVer's Roost in Casa Grande tomorrow and, depending on the outcome of some medical appointments during the next week or two, we'll fix a date for heading to Florida.

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