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It rained almost all the way through Pennsylvania so no pictures from the road. We got on I68 around Hagerstown, MD and headed west. We passed through here last fall on our way to California and you may remember our troubles when we pulled off the highway at the rest stop at Sidling Hill and couldn't restart Winnie. As we passed the rest stop there was no way we were pulling off there again as our final destination for the day was Rocky Gap State Park just down the road. The reason for the fear was earlier when I stopped for gas a guy pointed out that Winnie's exhaust pipe looked a little close to the ground. When I reached down to check it was clear that it had come loose at the last joint. I got a coat hanger out and wired up the end of the pipe which was't going to work for long. Since there wasn't any room at the gas station in Emmittsburg, MD, we had to drive about 15 miles so I could do a better job of securing it. I got a another coat hanger, laid a tarp on the ground to try to stay dry (luckily it wasn't raining hard) and proceeded to wire up the other end. While lying there, I accidentally knocked the sewer pipe and gate valve off and all of the water from the gray water tank poured out on my chest. After letting out a loud string of expletives, I finished wiring the tail pipe and crawled out from under Winnie soaked. It could only have been worse if it had been the black water tank. After stripping and putting on some warm clothes we were back on the road. I was beginning to think this trip was going to be like the last time we passed through here. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this will be the last problem we see on this trip. We'll see. Stay tuned.

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