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Window Washer on the street

The Elevator in Hotel Serena

Santa Maria Maggiore


Arch of Constantine


Palantine Hill


Interior of Coliseum and people

St. Pietro in Vincoli

Michangelo's Moses


Wedding #4

The trolly

We finally landed in Rome about 10:00 AM and go through passport control then pick up our bags. We head out of the station and find our driver with little trouble. Then off we go through the heart of Rome. Pass many sights both old and new. At many intersections there were people with squeegees who would wash your car windows for a tip. The mostly looked like immigrants.

After going around the block several times our driver had to call to find out where the hotel was. We finally arrived and we checked in. Very friendly clerk who joked around a lot then into a very old looking elevator and to our very cramped rooms.

After we settled in we had lunch at a local place and then walked into the “ancient Rome” section of town. We stopped at Santa Maria Maggiore Church – a very ornate building with many statues and some beautiful frescos. Painted ceiling was quite elaborate. There was a wedding going on when we visited as well.

Then off toward the very ancient part of the city. We get lost a couple times – misplaced really – and eventually see the Coliseum at the end of the street. We moved closer and saw the huge lines and decided to go into the archeological area first. On the way we passed the Arch of Constantine and saw another wedding – and huge numbers of people!

We wandered through the forum area and the ruins of old houses, temples, chambers, and all manner of things. Actually a bit overwhelming as we were quite tired and there was just so much. The area was full of people and also flowers and many birds. As we left we saw what appeared to be the reception for yet another wedding.

We made our way back to the Coliseum and got in the short line as we had already gotten tickets entering the other site. Quite impressive in size and in the number of people there. Very crowded.

We finally made our way out and stopped at a small shop (Sidel di Nicola Sisto Roma) for a bite to eat then visited San Pietro in Vincoli (St. Peter in Chains) where there was yet another wedding! We couldn’t get to a lot of the places in the church due to the wedding but we got a look at Michelangelo’s Moses. As we left we went through a tunnel with a man playing an accordion then stopped at an artist’s stand and bought a couple watercolors.

We eventually wander back to our hotel then looked around the area a bit and did a bit of shopping. We also wandered over to the train station to see what to do. As we approach the station I was a little too close to the tracks and got bumped by a trolly car. No damage as I was just grazed. We found out where to go in the morning then off to a restaurant (Trattoria Angelo via Giobarti) for some wine and a bite to eat. After a long day we finally went to bed.

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