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We haven't covered much ground today. We left in a leisurely sort of way; when we set the alarm and run we inevitably forget something important. The roads on the drive to the tollway were almost empty. All the good Christians were still in church. Lake Michigan is a huge barrier between those from the Midwest and those from the East and the traffic can be daunting as all the expressways funnel south for the trip around the lake. It seems like this area has been under construction almost all of our lives, but today all 24 freshly paved lanes were moving briskly. As we neared Indianapolis the traffic got heavier. We were surrounded by passenger cars sporting roof racks full of luggage - lots of families returning home from Grandma's with all their new Christmas gifts. We also lost an hour to the Eastern Time Zone. The sun sets so early these days, we try to be off the road by 5 so we can see where we are parking for the night.

Most importantly on the entire drive we did not see any snow. Not only were the roads dry, but the campsite where we are spending the night is clean and dry as it would be on a beautiful summer day. A cold front is coming though so rather than driving into the warm, we will be driving into the less cold until we hit Florida. And that's just fine with us as long as the uneventful continues.

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