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The train from the Airport to Brussels was spacious and nice

BUT it was crowded for our next train to Bruges

Wedged in the space between cars and standing for a whole hour

Not a pleasant experience

Our Hotel

Immigration was speedy and we arrived at the baggage claim long before our luggage. Anne had purchased train tickets on the internet and we were a bit confused since we did not seem to have a ticket to get from the Airport to the Brussels station. The ticket agent sold us those tickets and we were on our way to Bruges. BUT while the short ride to the Brussels station was comfortable and smooth with few fellow passengers, the train to Bruges was so crowded that we had to stand the entire way (1 hour) and believed if we began to fall, the next passenger would support us or we would all fall down like dominoes!

In the Bruges train station, we found a taxi and arrived at our hotel (The Grand Hotel Casselbergh). While we were early, the clerk found us a room that was ready, thank goodness, and we collapsed after the long ordeal.

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