Camping Trip to Maine 2014 travel blog

Off early on Saturday to get brakes fixed

The front calipers had failed. George, the manager himself fit us in...

The calipers were really rusted

The pads must have been red hot and disintegrated

New calipers and pads

Finished at noon. Now we can go to Maine and have our...

As we approached Amherst (where our daughter and son-in-law live with out grandchildren Jesse and Tim, we heard a squeal and smelled a burning. We suspected that the brakes were not right. When we drove in their driveway and parked, we knew something was wrong since the front wheels were very hot. We called around and found some shops were still open at 6PM, but decided to make an appointment for the next day and have the brakes looked at.

Early Saturday morning, Tom drove into the Midas shop in Hadley (A few miles away). After coaxing and cajoling for over an hour, George (the manager) got the RV in and pulled a wheel and found that the calipers were rusted and the seals were shot. Both front brakes had to get new calipers and pads (since the heat of the previous day had disintegrated them). I emphasized that we had lobster waiting in Maine and George accommodated us as best he could.

After a long wait for parts and a repair, we were ready to roll around 1PM.

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