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The dig grids laid out

Diggin' down

100 AD kitchen artifacts

Gettin' deeper !

Jaw bone w/ teeth and mussel shells (original surf & turf ?)

A week's worth of digging

The dig team

Sunset on the veranda

Our friends Bunnie & Peter convinced us to join them at this year's Texas Archeological Society Field School in Columbus, Texas. Peter's sister and her husband graciously offered the use of their home to us.

The day begins with breakfast at 05:30, which meant getting up at 04:45 to drive to the camping/eating location. After breakfast it's a short ride to the dig sites. There were about 300 participants this year, including about 60 young persons. We would dig till 13:00 and then have the afternoon off. Dinner back at the camp site was at 17:30. Usually there would be lectures, music, or other evening activities if you were interested, or as was mostly the case, had the energy to stay awake after dinner!!

The digging entails laying out a grid pattern with strings, levels and surveying equipment.

Then top layers are removed using shovels until objects are found. Then the digging becomes more scraping with trowels and finally with little picks and whisk brushes. All objects uncovered are plotted within the grid including elevation.

Artifacts unearthed included stone camp fire pits, animal bones, many, many mussel & clam shells, arrow points, and stone tools. Once plotted they are bagged and sent back to the laboratory for cleaning and further testing.

This was an enjoyable, educational week with a bit of hard work.

We're heading back to Austin for a week or so before Lidia is off to Spain with our god-daughter Mia, and I drive back to Connecticut stopping at a few baseball stadiums along the way.

Ciao for now

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