Di and Pete's 2014 Oz Adventure travel blog

Di by camp fire at 1st free camp

Breakfast at 1st free camp

Nimbin Showground camp

Nimbin Showground camp - housework never ends

Nimbin - Di at entrance of Bong Shop

Nimbin - Di in front of Bong shop

Tweed Heads - testing my twin tub washer

Tweed Heads - Dogs on skateboard

Pete at Tweed Heads

Tweed Heads - Looking towards Surfers Paradise

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Croc Friends

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Koala

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Di in a sticky situation

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Kangaroo's playing dead

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Tight rope walking Koala

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Di and her friend

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary - Di up close to a Kangaroo

Surfers Paradise - Meter Maids

We travelled from Coffs Harbour to Grafton and then towards Casino. We had our first free camp south of Casino in a large area. There were people staying there already including some teenagers in tents. Pete built his first fire for the trip, we met another couple who were travelling in the opposite direction and joined them after dinner for some billy tea.

The teenagers started playing hide and seek around the park and vans and it unnerved the other couple. Pete wasn't worried and surprisingly I was unperturbed by their sneaking about. The other couple started going off at the teenagers and in the end we felt uncomfortable in their company and headed back to our van and fire. Pete stayed up late with his fire. The other couple ended up packing up and leaving in the middle of the night. That was an exciting night for our first free camp.

We survived the night without being murdered and travelled on to Casino where I wanted to call on an old school friend who I haven't seen for probably 30 plus years. When we arrived at the address we met the house sitter 'Russell' who was busy mowing the lawn, he informed us Kim was in Turkey with her husband Chris who was working over there. It was disappointing not to see Kim but that's how things pan out some times.

Next stop was Nimbin the drug capital of the world. We camped at the Nimbin Showground which wasn't too bad and went off to explore the town. There were lots of back packers, people with dreadlocks and old hippy's who looked like they had many years on the good weed (or maybe not so good weed)

We were asked if we wanted to buy some drugs from this old hippy lady. They probably offer just as a tourist gimmick, anyway we declined the offer, if I was to try some I wouldn't buy it from an old hippy in an alleyway. We are high on life and don't need that stuff. Well at this point anyway maybe later in the trip we may need something just to cope with each other.

There were some interesting shops to look at especially with regards to hemp. Medical marijuana is a common topic in the town. We can now say we've been to Nimbin , nice country and scenery in that part of the world.

We woke to a frost on the ground at Nimbin showground after a very cold night but it turned into a nice day, we hit the road and drove through some very picturesque country and on to the big smoke of Tweed Heads.

I tested out my super little twin tub washing machine and it works a charm, only thing is it takes small loads and when I overloaded it, it didn't perform well at all. Labour intensive but better then hand washing.

We checked out the sites around Tweed Heads, saw two Sausage dogs skateboarding along the promenade, visited Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary which was good but we missed seeing lots of birds being fed as shown in the advertising. Surfers Paradise had a quick look over before going to the Tweed Heads RSLClub to watch the 3rd round of the State of Origin. Actually Pete watched the footy and I sat in the lounge with my friend 'iPad' and was entertained by a man singing some great songs that I could sing along with. I really enjoyed my night and Pete enjoyed his even though NSW lost.

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