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Co-Winners of Contest - Mark McKnight and Randy Jones

Craig and Shirley Markley

Craig Markley and Wes Spradley

Dan Boswell, Craig Markley, Wes Spradley, Bob Sharpe, Randy Jones & Larry...

Diane McKnight and Ruth Cooper

Party Hosts, Linda and Larry Seelke

Dan, Bob, Sue & Wes Singing 'Auld Lane Syne' (Photo by Linda...

Dave & Ruth Cooper and Sue Sharpe (Photo by Linda Seelke)

REAR Larry, Linda, Wes, Craig, Bob, Dan, Mark, Randy, Ruth, Dave FRONT...

Tonight I attended a New Year’s Eve party at the home of Larry and Linda Seelke. They are really good at entertaining. We played several games, one in which Larry played a few bars of ten songs and we were to identify the song title, singer(s) and composer. The prize for those who got the most right answers was a “tiara”. Mark and Randy tied, with 14 correct answers (out of a possible 30 points). I didn’t know any of them!

We also played several sets of Trivial Pursuit, with women against the men. That was fun. My back didn’t bother me very much, so I was able to stay to the end.

Everything was fine until I got home. I made the mistake of not taking my gloves off when I took out my keys. I dropped the keys just as I was walking in front of my car. I knew that no one would be able to see me there and I wouldn’t be able to scream loud enough for anyone to hear me. I could see that two of my neighbors across the street were still up and moving around but decided not to bother them.

Even though I’m not supposed to bend down very far, I decided to try squatting down so I could reach the keys. Unfortunately, my legs aren’t yet strong enough for me to get back up from a squat; so I fell backwards. However, I don’t think it did any damage to my spine because I didn’t feel any pain; but it did scare me. I was able to get up onto my knees and, by holding onto the tow bar on the front of the car, I was finally able to stand up. Then the fun began as I tried to pick up my purse and mail. I had to get my grabber tool from inside my rig, but it took me quite a while to pick everything up. Grrr!! It’s got to be better in 2015.

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