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Courtyard of our hotel

Great Wall

Will we or won't we didn't

Autumn foliage at the wall

Coming back down in the cable car

Temple of Heaven


We arrived in Beijing yesterday after a fairly uneventful flight except for a couple of slight hiccups. After sitting on the plane in Brisbane for a half an hour or so the pilot announced that the navigational equipment wasn't working and there would be a slight delay while the engineers tried to fix it. Despite the Valium I detected a definite sense of unease (well more than usual) emanating from the occupant sitting next to me I.e. Greg Fortunately the problem was resolved fairly quickly.and we were only an hour or so late departing.

Greg slept for most of the way over except when the tone of the engine changed quite dramatically Luckily one of the hosties was close by and when she assured him that there was no problem with the plane he went back to sleep and proceeded to snore louder than the planes engines. We arrived late into Hongkong and had to sprint to the other side of the airport to catch our connecting flight to Beijing.

We were picked up by our guide Simon and dropped off at our hotel which is in the old part of Beijing very near the Forbidden City and Tianamen Square. It is like a like a little Oasis with a charming courtyard. The staff are very young and friendly with reasonable English. We decided against such delicacies as pigs lungs and roast frog for tea last night. Greg settled on sweet and sour pork and I had minced pork vermicelli which was very spicy

Today we were up early to head out to the Great Wall. It is an amazing engineering feat and to think it stretches for over six thousand kilometres of mainly mountainous terrain is awe inspiring. I would have like to have walked along it a bit further than we did but unfortunately while the spirit was willing the flesh was weak.

After that we came back to Beijing to visit the Temple of Heaven. It was built in in the Ming Dynasty in 1420 and is surrounded by the most amazing gardens. Words can't begin to describe it so I won't even try but perhaps some of the pictures I have posted will help.

Tomorrow we visit the Summer Palace, Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City

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