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Incredible Mosques almost on every corner - beautiful

Another corner beauty

And another

Traffic was always fun to be in

A political rally - very musical

A "pop-up" roundabout in the shape of a truck. Very effective.

Hang on!

Busy fellow

Street vendor

Local shop - a few familiar labels!

Our departure to Dar was delayed slightly due to the late arrival of inbound flight. We had a good flight beer and wine for our anniversary lunch on board.

On arrival in Dar we were amazed to watch a passenger light up a cigar on the tarmac, surrounded by airline staff, before we boarded a bus for transfer to the terminal. Our amazement was compounded when we noticed signs on the bus that permitted smoking, the passenger was being courteous in lighting up and staying on tarmac.

Arrival at the terminal turned into a melee as no immigration forms were distributed on the aircraft, many passengers also required visas on landing and there was almost no bench space on which to complete forms. We had visas fortunately as there was only one official dealing with these applications. To our astonishment smoking was not allowed in immigration or the arrivals area.

Passport control was a scramble as several aircraft had landed at the same time but we got through in a reasonable time then had a 90 minute wait for our bags. The constrictions of a very small carousel were complicated by baggage handlers also trying to out sort baggage from a cancelled/delayed flight that had become mixed with incoming baggage. The out sorting consisted of them simply removing them from the carousel and placing them in piles that prevented arriving passengers manoeuvring around the carousel to get their bags. The volume of baggage also meant that delays loading the carousel were also encountered. Later we both admitted that we were concerned that we would have to buy a new wardrobe in Dar – not really on the retail map.

Given the delays we were not really expecting the driver from the hotel to be waiting for us but there he was. The “normal” 15-20 minute to the hotel then took 2 hours thanks to traffic. On our arrival at the hotel the manager Mustafa, who we had dealt with by e-mail, behaved as if the delays were our fault or we had mislead his driver – just reluctant to accept that this series of misadventures had occurred.

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