Worrie Reserve Braidwood

Fisherman's Bend Canowindra

Balloons aloft

Cenotaph Wellington

Rising Sun

Rob's peddly

Wellington Japanese Gardens

We had a very restful, if somewhat cold, night at Worrie Reserve just outside Braidwood on Monday 22nd and woke to a beautiful clear and crisp morning on Tuesday 23rd.

We had a minor mishap along the road to Yass, the bike carrier on the back of the caravan "popped" it's mountings so when we arrived at the truck stop in Yass we took the carrier off and folded the bikes and stored them inside the van. Not a big problem, more of a nuisance really.

Greg and Caz arrived and we STARTED OUR 2013 ADVENTURE.

We had a lovely drive through the Lachlan Valley Way towards Cowra. The autumn colours were just lovely.

We arrived in Canowindra mid afternoon and found a place the locals call "Fisherman's Bend" Reserve. Lovely spot, lush green grass and surrounded by farms and a nice little river running along the boundary.

We set up the brazier and had our camp fire which was welcome, as the night was getting quite chilly.


Another good nights sleep and woke to an almost perfect day.

Balloons everywhere, I think we counted around 24 in total and it was quite impressive as they floated into the backdrop of a rising sun.

We are heading for Wellington today.

Arrived at the Wellington Caves Recreation Area 7ks East of Wellington and booked in for three nights.

Nice quiet park with a nice aspect across the golf course and take your pick of sites.

We chose a site close to Cabin No. 16 as our friends Linda (Firefly) and Brett will be joining us tomorow night.


ANZAC DAY. We attended the dawn service at 6am, a very simple and well run ceremony.

After the ceremony we were invited back to the Soldiers Club for breakfast of savoury mince and toast and the traditional rum and milk should you so desire. Good basic stuff and it went down well.

We came back to the van and relaxed until it was time to go into town again for the March.

Rob and Greg marched and Caz and I waited at the Cenotaph.

I was very impressed with the number of school children that took part in the march, from all of the schools in Wellington, and their numbers belied the fact that it was school holidays.

A quite moving ceremony, as most of them are, and the speakers were very eloquent and certainly not boring.

The best wreath that I have ever seen for Anzac Day was the yellow daisy and gladioli set into the shape of the rising sun. VERY WELL DONE TO THE PEOPLE OF WELLINGTON.

Linda and Brett arrived mid afternoon and we lit the "mandatory" campfire in the brazier and had a couple of drinks and caught up with two years of adventures for all of us. It was really great to see them again after all this time.


A quiet day today, catching up on the chores, doing the washing and generally relaxing. We have a HUGE trip ahead of us tomorrow, all of 70ks into Dubbo. LOL

We went for a walk this afternoon to the Japanese Gardens across the road from the park. These are on a small scale compared to the ones at Cowra but very well laid out anyway.

Rob decided to go for a ride on his bike but wasn't away all that long, the old knees aren't what they used to be.

Linda is cooking dinner tonight and we aren't allowed to know what it is but I am sure it will go down well.

Another perfect day without a cloud in the sky. Hope this sort of weather keeps hanging around.

Rob has packed most everything away ready for tomorrow and now it's time to light the fire.

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