Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2013 travel blog

A really neat (and expensive) RV for 2!


What the well-dressed dog wears while camping?

Another dressed-up dog. Guess these people don't have kids.

Gee! We don't get clothes. All we've got are these fur coats.

Taco, the House Guard.

Nellie, the "Mom" Guard


We were due to leave for Georgia today but Bob woke me up around 7:00 a.m. this morning and asked me to take him to the hospital. His back, in the kidney area, has been bothering him off and on for several weeks. Last night it came to a head and really hurt him but he didn’t want to go then; wanted to see if a good night’s sleep would help. It didn’t so I called the ambulance and off he went. CTscans showed nothing untoward so home we came again, about 3 hours later. The way he’s feeling, I’m not too comfortable traveling because I surely don’t want to be in the middle of I-95 if he really starts hurting again. Soooo, I called our campground to see if we could stay in our site for 2 more days. Nope. Someone coming in there today. Okay, any other sites? Yep, but one is too short and one is a hard back-in. Okay, so Bob and I stopped at the other campground right up the road from here and yes, they have a site available for two nights. So back to our park, pack up, and drive about 8 miles to our new campground, Oak Plantation RV Park. Although a bit more expensive, it’s very nice with large wide lots, paved drives, big trees, etc. While I was in the office, there was a couple there with Adventure Caravans jackets on. That's the group we went to the Rose Parade with. They are hosting a caravan right here in Charleston! They even knew the hosts of our trip. Small world.

We're only here for 2 nights so no major pictures...just some "around camp" ones.

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