Winter in the Desert - 2013 travel blog

We're glad that we got so many miles under our belts yesterday during benign driving conditions, because strong winds sprung up today. Keeping the tires between the white lines was a challenge at times. We hear that bitter cold is arriving here and at home and the winds must be generated by the contrast with the mild weather today. Although the dirt looks correct now - black, there are absolutely no signs of spring in the vegetation.

We headed toward a campground less than ten miles from HWH. It got poor reviews on, but it was two blocks from the expressway and as the old saying goes, "location, location, location." We phoned ahead and the recorded message was warm and welcoming, but the sign on the front door said they were closed. We could see two parked rigs with vehicles parked nearby. We knocked on one door and the camper said the water and power worked just fine and he had been here for two weeks, but no one had been around to collect his money. I have no ideas what you would do here for two weeks, but the price was right.

So we're stopped for a perhaps rent free night and hopeful that tomorrow will be the last time I ever feel compelled to mention our jacks again.

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