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It’s been almost 3 weeks since I arrived in Toulouse and I am starting to feel settled and get into a routine etc.

It’s good to have started at Uni. Lectures are 3 hours long which was a bit of a shock to the system at first! However, content wise there seems to be no more per lecture than we would have in a 1 or 2 hour lecture we would have at home! We are told that it is the French way to draw things out and explain in great detail! Another thing which is quite different is that for a lot of work we are put into groups (to work on a project etc) and are graded as a group. Having less control over individual marks is a bit scary! The level of work seems OK at the moment and we have a nice variety of subjects. We have core courses and can choose some electives. One I have chosen, that I am particularly looking forward to is: “How to deal with the French”! I’ve also signed up for additional French classes two evenings a week in the city centre. I’ve made some nice friends, mostly other international students; it seems a bit harder to “connect” with the French.

The weather is still mostly nice here. Mornings and evenings are nippy but day temperatures are 30’C or so. I’m told the sunshine generally stays until end of Oct and in winter it gets cold enough for snow.

I’m trying to live on a tight budget, which in a strange way, is quite satisfying. It does mean that I spend ages in the supermarket deciding on what I can afford and wash some clothes by hand to save using expensive launderettes! :)

Cathy & Alain (the young friends) are really nice, last Sunday I spent the day with them and we went to see a Chateau in the afternoon (there is no eve meeting here). It was privately owned Chateau, where Henry IV had lived!

Just this now, I’m uploading some more pictures to show you this beautiful city!

Come and visit soon, preferably while it’s still warm :).


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