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Hola peeps!

So we have made it! After 2 planes, 3 trains and a bus we are in barcelona!

Arrived about 5pm on mond the 25th, we were impressed with the fact we were abole to navigate our way from the airport through the metro to our hostel (lucky i printed out the hostel booking form otherwise we would still be looking for it!)

Dumped our bags in our room with 10 other beds, and set out to explore the city! We cant believe how different the city looks to melbourne! (pics coming soon) there are winding cobble streets everywhere and they drive on the other side of the rode! bikes are just as common as cars here and no one wears a helmet!

We walked along the beach (about 5 min walk from hostel) and had some dinner at a nice restaurant on the beach. Ordered some paella which was vegetarian for nitz purposes! Hit the hay early that night while everyone else from the hostel had just begun their partay for the night!!!!

This morning we went for a run along the beach, followed by a walking tour of the gothic city! Spain has so much history! We met an american girl on the tour and had lunch with her. 3 courses and a drink for 9 euro! like 12 AUDs!

Might go for a swim at the beach this arvo and then having dinner with friends from melbourne at thier appartment.

Tomorrow were going on the granda famillia tour then hopefully seeing amy cros and others from mlc.

Catch y;all soon xoxo

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