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*Yawn* I'm really tired, because of the jet lag. Eastern Time is 3 hours ahead of Pacific, so I fell asleep at 10 p.m. our time, though here it would be 1 a.m! On the plane, it was fun, although most of my battery-charged devices went dead, as did Sam's. We landed, took off again, landed, took off... So we started in Oaktown (Shoutout to the RDS class of 2013!) and flew to Lost Wages (for those who don't know what that nickname stands for, it's Las Vegas) where we landed, and let other people leave and others board. Then we took off again, and landed in Nashville, Tennesee, where we had to transfer planes. We thought we had an hour and a half wait, so we decided to charge our stuff, connect to Facebook, yada yada yada. As it turns out, the plane arrived early, so we only got about 15 minutes, and no wifi! On this last plane, it had wifi, but as it turns out, it cost $5 and, after we were allowed to use our electronics, we only had about an hour before we had to put them away again. Either way, my iTouch was nearly dead, my computer was messed up (the other day it wouldn't turn on unless it was plugged in, and has stayed like that ever since), Sam's computer and DS were dead (yes, we both still have DS lites), and my dad's computer died halfway through. But, we made it. *Woohoo!* We got a boss rental car; it has heated front and second row seats, XM radio, a way to plug in an iPod to listen to the music on that, capability to connect 7 phones, and a lot of other stuff. Yet it doesn't have a built-in GPS! XD(Oh, the irony) But now, we made it, and I need to rest! Buh-bye!


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