Alaska, the Last Frontier - Summer 2012 travel blog

The last day of driving was as they all should be - the wind was at our back, the sun was out and the road construction was winding down. There is something to be said for traveling in the fall when road crews are almost finished repairing the damage from last winter. Unpacking is much easier when it's not raining or snowing and the temperature is mild. Unpacking is also much easier than preparing to leave. We just brought it all in and can put it away at a leisurely pace. No worries about what we've forgotten. We still have a lot of food left that we bought to avoid paying the high prices of Alaska. But our friends loved to go out to eat and we found ourselves joining them regularly.

The first thing we did when we got home is to open the bedroom slide. The carpeting beneath it next to the washer/dryer is still wet. We are worried that it won't dry out in time before we have to park it in the lot where our slot is too narrow to open the slide again. We don't want to deal with mildewed carpeting once we've got all the other repairs we already know about finished. The metro Chicago Camping World has given us an appointment for Thursday to install a new washer/dryer and promises to fill our tank with gas for our trouble. Wonder if they know what they are in for in that regard....

It was great to see all the neighbors who stopped by as soon as they noticed our behemoth blocking the road. We're especially grateful to the neighbor who stops by regularly to see that all is well inside the house and the neighbor who has been storing all the halibut we caught in his freezer. Good eating ahead.

We live in a new subdivision and the bushes and trees are starting to give the place some character as they grow up and fill out. Therefore, we were sad to see that 13 elm trees are tagged for removal, one the tree right in front of our house. It has a beautiful shape and grew well, finally providing us with shade. Now we will have to start all over. When you are a geezer, you don't feel like you have lots of time to wait for trees to grow. It sounds like the excessive heat this summer was as oppressive as the cold and rain we endured in Alaska. The summer of 2012 will be remembered for lousy weather wherever you were.

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