A Fly Over the Eagle Ford Oil/Gas Area travel blog

A View Out the Front of the Aircraft of South Texas

Another Front View While Approaching Gillette, Texas

A Group of Well Sites Near Gillette, Texas

Other Well Sites in the Area

About 4 miles South of Nixon

Nixon, Texas as Seen from the South--as We Head West to Circle...

Looking to the South East From Nixon, See the Oil Sites!

Flying east from San Antonio, we followed US 87 to Stockdale and then headed southeast to Gillette. Along the way we began to see some oil and gas drilling sites--they are the light colored or white squares on the the landscape. These drilling sites are caleche material that is trucked in and packed down to support the heavy drilling rigs. The typical well is drilled to around 10,000 feet to reach the oil and gas deposits. To bring a well into production requires a process called fracking--this process fractures or cracks the Eagle Ford Shale formation that is fairly hard and tight. Without fracking the oil and gas production would be to low for economic recovery of oil or gas. These are the first aerial photographs that I have taken. I realized when I got home that the side views as we circled over sites were the best. The day was cloudy as you can see and the winds were calm.

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