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View from the Almond grove

wave jumping and a surfer

massive waves

sparrow hawk

hawk being taught to hunt

red eyed frog


two toed sloth

The three toed sloth always looks like he's smiling

very poisonous coral snake

The cocoa fruit

Tonya jumping from the falls

Sunday, February 26

After a relaxing breakfast, we packed up and walked to the bus stop. The ride was very scenic on winding roads with lots of rain through rain forests, banana and pineapple plantations. The driver allowed us 10 minutes in Limon where again I envied the men and their ability to pee anywhere.

Off the bus we loaded the bags on a truck and walked to the hotel. By then we were dripping with sweat and ready to find the sea so we all changed and headed off. The walk along the beach through an almond grove was gorgeous and nice and cool. After some great fun wave jumping, we sat on the beach to read and relax where we thought was sufficiently far from the water. I looked up to see a giant wave approaching and got my camera bag up in the air in time to get soaked and watch my dress go with it. Mike ran after it while someone else got his shorts and we all had a good laugh. It's not the first time I've been attacked by a rogue wave is it Anita?

Dinner was a splurge where I thoroughly enjoyed some sea bass and scallops and Mike had a green curry. We were asleep by 10 pm and woke only once to the sound of pouring rain on the tile roof in the middle of the night. Gotta love it when it rains only at night to keep things so lush and green.

Feb 27

First on today's agenda was a visit to a Jaguar refuge centre. There weren't any jaguars but lots of baby howler monkeys, several birds, frogs, sloths and plenty of snakes. They take in orphaned or hurt animals, rehabilitate them and return them to the wild. Hunting is illegal in Costa Rica. Our guide taught us a lot about each species we saw including how they teach young hawks to hunt so they can return them to the wild.

Next we visited a cocoa farm where we learned how cocoa grows on trees in a large fruit and the seeds are harvested to make chocolate as well as cocoa butter.

Then we were fed a delicious lunch of traditional Caribbean Costa Rican fare including fresh pineapple and mango juice.

The waterfall was next where again we did lots of climbing. My knees are suffering but it was worth it. Some of the brave jumped from the waterfall. The rest of us were doing well just to swim in the cold water.

Then back to the beach where Mike had a blast wave jumping and Genise and I went for a long walk in the soft, black sand. That's a workout!

I got to have ceviche for dinner which I haven't had since we visited Peru in 2008. It was different, but very tasty. Mike stuck to spaghetti and, of course, cervaca. Another full day and an early night for our early start to Tortuguero tomorrow.

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