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This is the front of the house from the corner. Do ya...

From the north driveway. Shows the back of the house and the...

This is the eye in the sky view.

Sara and Rod getting ready to go out for a ride.

You can tell why we got some AZ pinstripes (scratches from brush)...

Good ole Eagle Eye.

I'm sorry that I haven't kept up with the blog - but we have been busy little bees.

The announcement is that while we were in Congress, AZ, at North Ranch - we bought a house. So now we have been busy getting our ducks in a row to 1.) pay for it and 2.) Figure out what to take from our Eden Park lot to North Ranch.

AND ... if that weren't enough - in between times our daughter from MI visited us and we sold the big Dodge truck.

So - the house. Back when we attended the Woodcarver's week at NR, I saw this house and really liked it. It was WAY out of our price range. But after we came home I would keep checking it on the Realtor's website. They dropped their price!! Hooray - it still wasn't down enough. One night I dreamt that we put in an offer (a very low offer) and they took it. The next day that house was not on the website any more. So I thought it was a lost cause.

When we got to NR, the house was still on the market. We toured it and put in the offer from my dream, thinking we would have to come up a bit. The contract said they had to answer us by 2 pm. At 1:40 the Realtor called and said "Congratulations, you have a house". We couldn't believe they took it.

So then we came back to Eden Park as Sara was supposed to come see us. We needed to pick up the Rhino so we could go camping for the weekend.

We met Sara, Rod and a bunch of Rod's friends out at Eagle Eye where they camp in the desert. We had a great weekend - Rod and the guys were quail hunting and we tagged along in our Rhino to take a great ride in the desert. Sara and I cooked both Friday and Saturday nights. Chili and cornbread on Friday and fried chicken with all the trimmings on Saturday. Rod made his yummy chocolate cake with cherries in it for Saturday night.

Sunday we came back to Eden Park (along with some desert pinstripe on the MH) so Sara could see where we live.

Also Sunday night the guy that wanted to buy our big Dodge (who wasn't supposed to come until Nov 1) showed up and wanted to take it right then. After some discussion about wire transfers (banks closed on Monday for Columbus Day) and other logistics - we suggested that they go to Wickenburg and we would meet them at NR after the $$ cleared and the paper work was done. So that is what happened.

Also on Tuesday, my brother brought his cargo trailer out to NR and took our daughter away. We had a great time with her and will see her next June. We will use the cargo trailer to pack up the stuff from our 5th wheel and the sheds to move to NR.

Wednesday we had the house inspection. The inspector really didn't find anything that we didn't already know about and those that he did find are a quick DIY project for this winter. So the sale of the house can go forward.

We are now back at Eden Park, packing up the 5th wheel and then the sheds so we will be ready to move after we close. I'm also on the computer a lot keeping track of the $$ coming from our various investment accounts into the escrow account for the house. We think we will close around the 1st of the month.

So now you know what we have been doing. I left out a lot of detail and stress when things didn't go quite as expected. But it has all turned out well in the end.

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