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What lunatics book a 6am flight on a day when they also have to take a flight at 11pm? We left the hotel in Iguassu so early, we missed the delicious breakfast which was included in the night's stay. We brought two carry-ons and a suitcase to check, but on this flight the carry-ons were too heavy even though they were exactly the same on the flight here. Luckily they zip apart and I had to part with half of mine after Ken moved some goodies into it. We are flying home tonight and I worried a bit that one or the other case would not appear, but as often is the case, I worried for naught. We caught the hotel shuttle and picked up the bags we left behind and settled in for a nap that hopefully will have us arriving at home in reasonably sound mind. Seats in business class should help.

A few hours later: After an amazingly efficient and pleasant check-in and security procedure, we find ourselves installed in the United First Class/Business Class lounge. This would be easy to get used to. We have comfy chairs, internet, places to charge our computers, food, and drink including booze. After all our years in steerage it's great to see how the other half lives. We carefully weighed and plotted and weighed our luggage only to discover that we each could have brought 100 pounds as Business Class travelers. It was tough managing the four bags we checked, but we could have bought so much more...

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