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Our villa for the next two months (Kate is barely visible on...

Janna and Carmen trying out their beds

The pool is nice, but chilly!

Our living room.

Well, we've just spent our first night at our house in Aix-en-Provence. (Tom is writing this on Sunday morning.) All told, it took 26 hours of traveling from the time we left Lincoln on Thursday morning until we arrived at our hotel on Friday night in Marseille. Carmen, unfortunately, did not enjoy the journey, as she came down with some sort of ailment on Thursday morning. She threw up on the plane, but neatly into the barf bag. Fortunately, she was able to sleep quite a bit of the trip and started perking up on Saturday afternoon. Now she seems to be back to 100% this morning. Kate and I had the usual sleep deprivation, but after some lingering groggyness yesterday seem to have made the switch to European time. Of the four of us, Janna seems to have weathered the trip the best. She slept some on the flight to London, and has never seemed even a tiny bit grouchy or put-off by all the incessant waiting and long lines (an hour at the border control in Heathrow).

Yesterday morning we drove up from Marseille to Aix (about 25 minutes) to meet the owners of the house we are renting. They are a very nice couple (he is a retired political science professor and she is an art and film teacher -- I'm not sure if she is retired also) who gave us a detailed tour of their house. The house is about a 5 minute drive to the Center of Aix, but we are out in the country. We are the last house on a very small lane, up high in the hills. There are trails leading into the countryside right from our house. The weather is warm (it probably was around 90 F yesterday), but pleasantly dry compared to Lincoln. There is no air-conditioning but we felt very comfortable with the breeze coming through the doors and windows.

Today we will do some exploring in Aix, get phones, figure out the bus system here, etc.

Here are some things Janna would like to say about our adventure so far:

"We have three bedrooms. And two of them have one big bed in each of them. And one of them has two twin beds in it. There is a nature trail near our house. And a pool. Oh, and the plane to London was HUGE! And the plane to Chicago was tiny. That's all I have to say right now." (She's busy and I interrupted her!)

And Carmen:

"I threw up on the plane! And we have a freezing cold pool. That's all." (She's busy too!)

We'll write more in a day or two.

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