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Because we like to take photos of tall buildings from taller yet...

Concrete Jungle filled with fat cats

Statue of Liberty, Fuzzy just like Americans idea of liberty

Christmas tree in front of Rocker Feller: No, I didn't meet rich...

United Nations; no didn't make it in (it was closed not because...

Ice-rink in the middle of the city

'These streets will inspire you'

Not only did I ride in those cabs - I stripped in...

Central Park: Yes, I pretended to be from NYPD and fidn a...

The largest toy store in NY, on christmas eve. I found where...



Ferry to Statue of Liberty

The best broadway show ever!

Time Square at New Years


Our first meal of 2007 - Yes, Cheese pizza

Our little Hobo

'Whats your security like at the airport' Ms Ruby Ram, 8.30pm 31st...

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 7.92 MB)

Ground Zero

(MP4 - 10.91 MB)

New York: Broadway

New York - loud ( really loud), neons and ads everywhere yet we found a kind taxi-driver (yes, I know!) and a pretzel sharing cop.


*watched a Broadway show

*browsed through shops in 5th Avenue.

*saw the statue of liberty,

*witnessed mayhem at Jamica NY,

*went to Trump Towers,

*Ice-skated (unsuccessfully),

*felt the sadness at Ground Zero

*attended a session at the Church of Scientology

*dry-retched in Penn Station on New Years day

*stripped in a cab

*fantasized in front of UN.

Must see Rating: 5/5 - its New York! Its the epitome of the capitalist world and must see a Broadway play there (if you have time go across to the Church of Scientology for a laugh)

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