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Sue's load!

Winnie and the Fit at Cherry Hill Park

We're on the road again. We left at about 1230 (not 1000) as planned. Out planning was off by a couple of hours. We had to fish Max out from under the bed at home. He figured out we were leaving and knew he was going. He whined for about the first half-hour of the trip before he eventually found one of his hiding places in Winnie. He should be okay in a day or two. My guess that we shed about 1,000 lbs with the Fit was before Sue loaded up (See the picture of the bed room). I think when I said we were going for about 6 weeks, she must have thought I said 6 months. We're staying at Cherry Hill Park in College Park, MD. We stayed here when we attended the 9/12 event in DC in 2009 and again when we went to Restoring Honor in 2010. This time I'm here to do some WWII research at the National Archives. I wanted to find out the history of my Father's unit, 976th Filed Artillery Batallion. I'm also hoping to also get some information on my Father-in-laws unit, 87th Infantry Division. We'll be here until Sunday morning and then on to Mount Vernon, VA. Got a picture of Winnie before the deluge. I spent all day yesterday getting the satellite dish working and now with the heavy rain the dish can't find the satellite. I know why I have cable at home. Guess I'll have to hook up the cable here.

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