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Our highs quickly subsided when we arrived in Zanzibar to find that following a delayed flight, nobody’s bags had been loaded onto the plane. Whilst stood in a queue with the other passengers to fill out paperwork, the same thing had happened to the next flight in, and we later found out that the very same thing had happened to a flight a couple of days before. Note to self: never travel with Precision Air ever again.

We made our way to Stone Town where we stayed for a couple of days in the hope that our luggage would be returned the very next day, we found out later this was the standard response. Stone Town is a quaint little town with little side streets which you could spend hours exploring. However, the town only gets six hours of electricity a day (three in the morning and evening), so if you happen to be out in the evening when the electricity is shut off, it can become an eerily spooky place to be.

So, two days with only one change of clothes, in humid temperatures of over 30 degrees, we decided to travel to Kendwa beach and enjoyed a couple of days relaxing. We finally received our bags on our last day in Zanzibar, which was lucky!

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