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I drove the 800 miles home Thursday the 14th and arrived here Friday morning about 6:00 a.m. After getting things around the house started back up: water turned on; water heater turned on, phone service restarted; refrigerator and freezer turned back on; and a few other things necessary when we get back home after being gone so long, I took a long shower and tried to catch a few winks but gave up after a couple of unsuccessful hours and decided to just go on to Clearwater. I arrived at the hospital about an hour and a half before Doris' mother passed. She went very peacefully, largely due to Doris' hospice experience and her insistence on the proper care for her mother.

Oct. 24

We are now back home after a whirlwind week of the funeral in Albany, GA and getting everything arranged for her house in Albany to be sold. We will be going back down to Clearwater Tuesday to make arrangements for her things in the apartment there. When I get time, I will tabulate our trip expenses and post them here as the last post for this trip.

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